Sweden-Japan Foundation was established in 1971 and since then, the SJF has tried to help promoting relations between Sweden and Japan. We try to reach out to a wide range of individuals, companies, media and politicians involved in the fostering of good international relations in order to provide information and to exchange views on Japan.

We promote deeper and broader long-term exchanges by giving young people the opportunity to visit Japan for studies, research or internship. By this, we hope to help building the network of tomorrow.

Information service

Each day the SJF answers many inquiries about studies, business, contact establishments etc in Japan. SJF provides information about organizations co-operating with Japan, studies in Japan, scholarships, authorized language schools and internship.

Furthermore, in order to obtain up-date information, the SJF participates in exhibitions, fairs and other promotion activities concerning studies and business in Japan.


SJF Board of directors.