The SJF is supported by its two principals:

Business Sweden – The Swedish Trade & Invest Council
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

and by some 30 companies and research institutes which have important business or research relations with Japan.

The SJF Board of Directors

Prof. Harriet Wallberg, Karolinska Institutet, Chairman
Mr Leif Almö, Honorary Consul General of Japan
Mr Göran Edman, Director, Gadelius
Mr Fredrik  Fexe, Director, Business Sweden
Mrs Jenny Fürstenbach, Director
Mrs Catharina Lindqvist, Senior Advisor, Uppsala University
Mr Sven Löfquist, Director, Löfquist Consulting
Mr Bo Normark, Director, Power Circle
Mr Mitsuru Suzuki, Senior Advisor International affairs, Linnaeus University; Chairman of the SJF Scholarship Committee
Ambassador Lars Vargö, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Security & Development Policy

Deputy Member of the Board

Dr. Magnus Breidne, Vice President, Programs and International Affairs, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences