Prof. Michael Tendler honorary doctor at Chubu University

For his outstanding research and contribution to fusion science in Japan Professor Michal Tendler is appointed honorary doctor at Chubu University.

The motivation for the award is as follows:

”Fusion scientist Michael Tendler is professor emeritus at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Fusion Energy is the only untapped yet enormous source of carbon-free energy well known to mankind. Therefore, it potentially can alleviate problems connected with climate change in the future. In simple and modern words, fusion energy might become the vaccine for climate change.

Michael Tendler works on issues of magnetic confinement and operation scenarios crucial for future fusion devices ITER and JT60-SA, under joint construction by EU, Japan and other global powers. Many of his former students are among the leading scientists in fusion research around the world. At present, the main focus of his collaboration with Chubu University is the development and implementation of High Temperature Superconductive D. C. Cables, resulting from spinoffs and innovations in fusion research. This technology is bound to simplify the transmission and storage of electricity and alleviate intermittency problems of renewables in the near future.”


”Fusionsforskaren Michael Tendler är professor emeritus vid Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan i Stockholm. Fusionsenergi är den enda outnyttjade enormt stora källan till fossilfri energi som är känd för mänskligheten. Därför kan den potentiellt lindra problem kopplade till klimatförändringar. Det kan hävdas att fusion kan bli vaccinet mot klimatförändringen.

Michael Tendler arbetar med frågor om magnetisk inneslutning och driftscenarier som är avgörande för framtida fusionsenheter som ITER och JT60-SA under gemensam uppbyggnad av EU, Japan och andra länder.

 Många av hans tidigare elever är bland de ledande forskarna inom fusionsforskning. För närvarande är huvudfokus för hans samarbete med Chubu University på utveckling och implementering av Högtemperatur-Supraledande likström-kablar som är resultatet av spin-offs och innovationer inom fusionsforskning. Denna teknik kommer att förenkla överföringen och lagring av el och lindra intermittensproblem för förnybara energikällor i framtiden.”


CV Michael Tendler



Curriculum Vitae


Name: Michael Tendler

Current Position: Professor Emeritus, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Home address: Östermalmsgatan 57, S- 11450, Stockholm, Sweden


Academic Qualifications:


1978              Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, Uppsala University

  • Docent in Plasma Physics & Fusion Research, Royal Institute of Technology

1987              Professor Competence, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

1992-2002    Invited Professor, University of Quebec, Canada

1997              Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

2005              Member, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences



Swedish Professional Qualifications:


1996 – 2008 Chairman of the Plasma Physics Division of the Swedish Physical Society

1999 – 2004 Member of the Fusion Executive Committee of the EURATOM Association

1999 – Member of the Evaluation Committee for Professor Promotions in Sweden

2001- Launch of the novel undergraduate course “Chaos & Self organisation“ attended by a wide range of Swedish and international students

2004- KTH Team Leader awarded INTAS grants by the EU

2005- Elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

2007-2014 – Director of the KTH program Master Education on Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering, awarded within the Framework of the EU Erasmus Mundus Initiative


International Professional Qualifications:


1994 – 2010 Member of the Executive Committee of the Latin American Workshops on Plasma Physics

1994- Advisory Board Expert, Gordon & Breach Publishing House, London

1995 – Member of the Programme Committee of the 23 rd European Conference Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics Conference, Kiev, Ukraine

1995 –   Member of the Advisory Committee of the  International Conference on Plasma Physics

1996 – Honorary Lecture at Berlin Seminars of Plasma Physics, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

1996 – Expert of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Science Foundation, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Rehovot, Israel

1996- 2002 Elected President of the International Congress Plasma Physics

1997 – Expert on Fusion of the Canada Council, Ottawa, Canada

1997 – Included with a Biography into the series ”Outstanding People of the 20th Century” & ”International Who is Who of Intellectuals”

1997 – 2005 Appointment of the Coordinator for the Baltic Sea Net by the United Nations

1999 – Ernst Mach Prize in Physics awarded by the Czech Academy of Sciences with Medal, with motivation reading ”for Fundamental  Contributions to Plasma Physics of Selforganising Systems thereby Improving Prospects for Harnessing the Fusion Energy“

2000- Guest Editor of the Journal Physics of Plasmas American Physical Society

2000 – 2004 Advisor to the American Physical Society on the Internalization & Grants Policy

2000 – 2006 Member of the Executive Committee of the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society

2001- Awarded the Title of  Doctor ”Honoris Causa” by the Saint Petersburg State Technical University

2001- Awarded the Title of Doctor ”Honoris Causa” by the Russian Academy of Sciences

2002- Awarded the Title of Doctor ”Honoris Causa” by the University of Ghent, Belgium

2003 – Elected Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2003 –2014 Chairman and Member of the Advisory Committee, National Institute of Fusion Studies, Toki, Japan

2007-2009 Assessor for Professor Promotions appointed by the Australian National University

2011- 2015 Appointed the senior research expert at the ITER International Organization

2013- Invited Speaker at the Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days

2014- Appointed the Promoter by the Royal Society, London, United Kingdom

2014-2015 Member of the External Management Board of ITER International Organization

2017 – Invited Professor, Chubu University, Japan

2019 – Member of the Coordination Committee on Superconducting DC Transmission System Technology Research Association established at Chubu University